Seriously hilary

Seriously hilary is a Belgium-based Irish semi-redhead. She writes for, pretends she can sew and was an artist in a previous life. hilary wears tights all the time because her legs glow in the dark and she doesn't want to blind anyone.
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Song of Good Hope

Door Seriously hilary

Fifteen years ago, in my first week of university, a girl pushed a CD into my hands and said “You HAVE to listen to...

Say My Name!

Door Seriously hilary

Recently a teacher in America lost her job for using the word vagina while discussing Georgia O’Keeffe paintings in her class of 14-15 year...

In search of what makes me Irish

Door Seriously hilary

"You know an immigrant is just someone who used to be somewhere else." says comedian Russell Brand. Whatever you think about the refugee crisis...

15 x laziness

Door Seriously hilary

I am learning how to be lazy. I practice every day. I’m getting quite good at it. Sounds strange, I know. Laziness is not...

10 x Insta Love

Door Seriously hilary

Instagram is my latest internet crush, a site full of pretty photos with nice filters, it makes for hours of carefree scrolling.Recently we learned...

The story of how my heart broke

Door Seriously hilary

It’s estimated that around one million people die by suicide worldwide each year. It is the most common cause of death in teenage girls and...

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