Beeldige boekenfans

Beeldige boekenfans

In het vooronderzoek van de theatervoorstelling KNAUS maakte Alexia Leysen een analoge fotoserie: THE KNAUSGARD/HASSELBLAD SERIES. Je ziet bekende en onbekende lezers van de boeken van de Noorse schrijver Karl Ove Knausgård, van Heidi Lenaerts tot Herman Brusselmans. Daarbij selecteerden de lezers steeds een fragment uit het werk van Knausgård dat hen raakt. Lees het interview met Alexia en bekijk hier alvast een voorproefje uit de fotoserie. 

Heidi Lenaerts – “The immense intimacy you have with [children], the way in which your own temperament and mood are, so to speak, woven into theirs, such that your own worst sides are no longer something you can keep to yourself, hidden, but seem to take shape outside you, and are then hurled back.”

Yamina Takkatz – “Perhaps it was the prefabricated nature of the days in this world I was reacting to, the rails of routine we followed, which made everything so predictable that we had to invest in entertainment to feel any hint of intensity”

Suzanne Grotenhuis – “Not because the heart was beating and couldn’t escape, it wasn’t that. The point was that the heart should not be seen, it should be allowed to beat in secret, hidden from our sight; it was obvious, you understood that when you saw it, a little animal without eyes, it should pound and throb inside your chest unseen.”

Sieglinde Michiel – “A lot had happened in her family, as in all families, but this was not something they talked about, so if it was manifest anywhere, it was in each of them, and the atmospheres they created collectively.”

Saskia De Coster – “When it comes to memories of that iconic type, memories that are burned into you, I have maybe ten or so from my childhood. I’m a bad rememberer of situations. I forget almost everything as soon as it happens.“

Roxette Chikua – “In the space of only a few minutes she could go from shouting her head off at me to declaring that she had never loved anyone the way she loved me, whereas I was completely the opposite, storing up and accumulating grievances and frustrations, which then lay like a sediment inside me, fossils of emotions, darkening my mind increasingly until eventually I became as hard as stone, unreceptive to reconciliation and tenderness.”

Peter Van den Eeden – “Writing is more about destroying than creating.”

Julie Cafmeyer – “To write these things you have to be free, and to be free you have to be inconsiderate to others.”

Lees ook het interview met Alexia Leysen: We willen allemaal gezien worden.
In het vooronderzoek van de theatervoorstelling KNAUS maakte Alexia een analoge fotoserie: THE KNAUSGARD/HASSELBLAD SERIES. Je ziet bekende en onbekende Knausgård-lezers, van Heidi Lenaerts tot Herman Brusselmans. De vernissage is op vrijdag 18 Januari om 19u30 met een inleiding van Saskia De Coster, in Galerie Verbeeck-Van Dyck in Antwerpen.

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