15 x laziness

I am learning how to be lazy. I practice every day. I’m getting quite good at it. Sounds strange, I know. Laziness is not considered an attractive trait. But I don’t have any other choice. Restricted to bed-rest following an operation on my back, laziness is my new friend. If I did not embrace laziness right now I would go crazy thinking about all the things that I cannot do.

My friends send me messages saying I must be so fed up and bored of being stuck in bed for two months. To be honest, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Those of you who read Charlie bookzine #2 will know my feelings before the operation. It is actually glorious to take a step out of the rat race.

Maybe sometimes we need to be lazy. It has such negative connotations, but in our fast-paced busy lifestyle, maybe we need to take it easy sometimes. Maybe we should all make friends with our inner lazy-lump and make time for ourselves. Lazy time.

Out of respect for laziness, I have not put too much work into this collection. I ‘borrowed’ quotes from Pinterest. No fancy photo shoot, laziness restricts me to mobile phone selfies. I even used the same photo more than once.

Put your feet up. Give yourself the gift of laziness. Enjoy.


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Zonder jou, geen Charlie

We hebben jou nodig om ons magazine te blijven maken. Kom dus bij de club en krijg:

  • 2 bookzines ((nr. 6 najaar 2017 + nr. 7 voorjaar 2018)
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Zonder jou, geen Charlie!

Er is meer dan ooit nood aan eerlijke verhalen en het geloof dat we dingen kunnen veranderen. Hell yeah. Word een Charlie en maak ons magazine mee mogelijk.

Ik word lid!